Below are the links to on-line learning opportunities. To sign up to use these services, please call Tracy or Laura

MTE/MTM (click here for course web-site)
Internet web-based training offered by DuPont E-Learning (formerly Costal Online Training) for Mechanical and Electrical modules including Instrument Repair/Process Control Training

TEL-SIM Online Training

This makes educational opportunities for you and your family as close as your computer. Increase your skill levels to retain your job and/or advance your career. Basic computer skills like Windows, Intermediate computer skills like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Internet skills like how to build web pages.  Advanced skills like programming, networking, mainframe languages.  Personal development skills like investing, retirement planning, grammar, math and even SAT preparation for the kids.  On-line Courses – Set up an appointment with Career Development to get a password, or go to the website and take a demo course.  www.classroomdoor.com

Net Tutor

Expert tutors are waiting to help you in the following Subject areas:

Mathematics, Math en Espanol, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, English Composition, Foreign Language, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Allied Health. 

My AcademicWorkshop (MAW) – the Old ALECS

MyAcademicWorkshop is a new and unique online math assessment, homework, and placement program customized for adult workers.  This program is one of the most advanced educational tools available for learning mathematics in a familiar, learning management environment.  Loaded with over 7,000 questions, MyAcademicworkshop contains math content beginning with Basic Math. Students like MyAcademicWorkshop because it shows you how to do the problems by following step by step instruction, gives you the opportunity to try again with a similar problem, and ultimately better prepares you to get better grades on assignments or exams.